Very good application. I'm in love with this app. I can't imagine how I could have studying without this app. Thank you so much for such fabulous app. Keep it up.👍👍👍

Aditya Pawar

This app is perfect for vocabulary, they have great techniques to remember words! Simple and effective.

Harvi Shah

The app is perfect for GRE enthusiasts. I was not only able to learn a lot of vocab but able to remember them to the core. Thank you developer team for making this app so awesome.

Sumit Sahu

Awesome app. Mnemonic suggestions are very good to remember the new words and I hope they will add more words with mnemonics.

Vijit Dubey

The mnemonics are way too good, wish I had seen it before buying the book.

Chintha Ram

I wonder why I didn't come across this app sooner. Like all the other resources the student has as a must for GRE, this app is that cardinal. I hope more students know about this technique and this app. Great work guys! :)

Pragya Agrawal

Amazing.. Its a boon for aspirants, Ocean of words, A universe in itself. Nothing out of this exist.

Vivek Singh

Proven Facts

GRE Cloud can help you complete your vocabulary preparation in 6 weeks! Download the app now and start preparing for GRE now!

1Download The App On Your Smartphone

It's very easy to find and install GRE Cloud on your smartphone. Just search for 'GRE Cloud' on the Apple or Android marketplace. Click on Install App and voila you're done.

The app contains all the six GRE word-lists with more than 4000 words with mnemonics and their meanings. The app also has hand-picked sentences that are easy to understand and remember.

You can bookmark your favorite words and revise them on the go. The bookmarked words are are synced across all your devices and stored on secured GRE Cloud servers. You can restore the bookmarks if you plan to switch to a new device.


Awesome Ever-Improving Mnemonics!

GRE Cloud is designed to help you get a grip on your vocabulary by artfully designing each meaning, mnemonic and example sentences that are not complex or convoluted in any sense. We understand the pain of dealing with chain of difficult words when you try to learn a single word.

GRE Cloud can help you cut down time you spent on preparing for vocabulary
You can use the saved time for preparing other important sections of the exams
GRE Cloud team is always working on improving the Mnemonics behind the scenes to make learning easier. The updates are seamlessly pushed to you even while using the app.

Vocab Preparation On The Move

GRE Cloud app is designed to be 100% offline compatible so you can continue preparing while on the move. This eventually helps in building vocabulary much faster. No need to spend months on preparing for vocabulary.

You can search a word from pool of more than 4000 words and view them at a glance. You can also bookmark the words which are aggregated on the bookmarks screen.

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Our goal is to help every prospective student meet their vocabulary needs. GRE Cloud is an app designed, developed and maintained by the students, for the students.


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